Gastrolux cookware has been manufactured by highly specialized craftsmen who only use the best materials.
Gastrolux is guaranteed not to warp, chip, peel or blister for (20) years from date of purchase (See warranty schedule below). The non-stick properties will not decrease over time if properly maintained and cleaned.


Gastrolux warranty does not cover glass lids except for heat damage.
Gastrolux warranty does not cover damage or destruction caused by misuse,abuse,accidents,overheating,alteration or commercial use.
Gastrolux warranty does not cover stains,discoloration, marks or dents.
Gastrolux warranty does not cover scratches made by metallic utensils however these scratches will not affect the nonstick properties of your Nano cookware.

The Gastrolux liability is limited to purchase price of your cookware.

In store Warranty for the first 2 years
    Warranty over 2 years : Top line ACC. Tel.: 450-477-2793 Toll free: 1-877-321-4605 Email :