Congratulations on the purchase of your GASTROLUX state-of-the-art non-stick cookware. With proper care, your cookware will provide many years of easy cooking and fast cleanup. Below are the instructions for your GASTROLUX cookware.

First Use


Remove the plastic protective sheet from the bottom of the cookware, as well as the plastic shipping tabs.


Wash your cookware with HOT soapy water and wipe dry.



After each use and while the pan is still hot, put COLD water and few drop of soap (We do not recommend to do this with other pan on the market). You can let it sit there while you are eating with your family. This will prevent the fat to build up in your pan


When you are ready to clean it, use a rough plastic scrubber such as the 3M Scotch pad for washing the cookware, hot water and soap.


Ensure the bottom and sides are also kept clean for proper heat conduction.


We do not recommend cleaning in your dishwasher.


Even if oil is not necessary with your Gastrolux, If you like to add some while cooking for the taste , use one with a high smoking point such as Gastrolux vital grapeseed oil , canola, vegetal...DO NOT USE Olive oil.

If your pan is smoking when putting at high heat or if it starts to stick, please call us immediately at 450-303-1100 or contact us by email at:

Do not hesitate to contact us for any question on your product.